Zona Franca Santander winner of "best free zone of South America" by the FDI-Financial Times.

Zona Franca Santander winner of "best free zone of South America"  by the FDI-Financial Times.
The only Free Zone in the Americas awarded in four different categories of the “Global Free zones of the year Awards 2015”. After going through a rigorous methodology that characterizes the studies, rankings and reports of the fDi Intelligence “Global Free Zones of the year Awards 2015”, publication associated to the British newspaper “Financial Times”, which announced the participation of numerous free zones, government entities, and investment promoters globally in midst of being able to obtain worldwide recognition.
The criteria implemented by the fDi were: Growth, expansion plans, outstanding performance year to year, number of companies in premises, level of improvement in infrastructure, and level of incentives and support to investors.
Of a total of 76 free zones that the judges decided to evaluate throughout the world, they came to the conclusion of recognizing and rewarding all the work being done in the past 6 years since Zona Franca Santander was declared a free zone in the following categories:
o   Awarded best free zone of South America
o   Distinguished as an exemplary free zone in Latin America and the Caribbean.
o   Awarded for BPO/Outsourcing services.
o   Awarded for training and skills.
Zona Franca Santander has been recognized for its notable attributes that make it into a competitive platform for the location of international and national companies, for the amount of employment generated and the number of
SME that make part of it; it has also been awarded for its strategies and efforts in the training and education, based on the needs of the clients, done with two universities and the national learning institute, SENA, which make part of an ideal environment for the betterment of productivity; it’s also been recognized for its infrastructure and investments in BPO and Outsourcing, as well as being the first in the country dedicated strictly to the global services industry.
It is important to note that Zona Franca Santander is the only one in Latin America and the Caribbean to be mentioned in the study in four different categories awards. This allows us to confirm the valued proposal that Zona Franca Santander: Offshoring and Outsourcing Park, first of its kind in the country, can reinvent itself day to day as an answer to the demands of the market and world class businesses that find in this platform the best option to implement and grow their operations.
For Nivea Santarelli, General Manager of Zona Franca Santander, receiving these awards just as Zona Franca Santander is about to celebrate its sixth year as a recognized free zone by the Colombian government and being given full authorization to operate in this zone “means the success of Zona Franca Santander’s Offshoring and Outsourcing Park strategy, having kept in line with it from the beginning and that daily progresses and improves it, thanks to many different international, national, and regional businesses that have believed in our value proposal and today make part of this world class platform in the northeastern region of the country, being composed of 43 businesses and 1700 collaborators. These awards are received with great pride not only by us but also by our stakeholders, directors, and collaborators, and it pushes us to continue growing in order to consolidate this ecosystem of opportunities for competitive, global and sustainable businesses.”
In regards to the study realized on behalf of FDI Global Free Zones of the year 2015, we highlight the comments made by the publication about Zona Franca Santander:
“Highly commended – Zona Franca Santander, Colombia:
Zona Franca Santander has come runner-up in the Latin America region for this year’s awards, also winning the award for best zone in the South America sub-region. Employee numbers in the zone increased by more than 85% in 2014, corresponding to an 84% increase in SME tenants in the same year. Zona Franca Santander was also commended for its skills and training efforts, having introduced two universities with training departments, with training programmes tailored to suit the requirements of the zone’s clients. Zona Franca Santander was also in receipt of a specialism award, for its BPO and outsourcing investments. Zona Franca Santander Offshoring and Outsourcing Park, a new business park measuring 32 hectares, is the first of its kind in Colombia, dedicated solely to the global services industry”.