Zona Franca Santander is recognized worldwide as the Best FTZ for helping companies succeed and is the Best FTZ for workforce training and development

Zona Franca Santander is recognized worldwide as the Best FTZ for helping companies succeed and is the Best FTZ for workforce training and development
For the fourth year in a row Zona Franca Santander it’s again recognized by the global firm fDi Intelligence (a service from the Financial Times) in the fDi’s Global Free Zones of the Year 2018. This year 79 free trade zones around the world were evaluated. The objective of the awards was to "recognize the most promising free trade zones in the world and to lookfor those that offer the best investment environments and perspectives of commercial expansion and economic development " according to the fDi Magazine.
For this version of the Global Free Zones of the Year 2018, Zona Franca Santander hasbeen deserving of two great recognitions in the following categories:
* BEST FTZ FOR HELPING COMPANIES SUCCEED - Zona Franca Santander, Colombia:
“Training programmes and opportunities for employees to boost professional development, when married with social progress and efficient use of environmental resources, offers companies the greatest chance to achieve economic growth, according to Zona Franca Santander. These are part of the zone’s offering, and helped it to achieve recognition for Helping Companies Succeed as part of its 'Doing Well by Doing Good' campaign”.
“Companies based at Zona Franca Santander in Colombia can participate in strategic training and networking events at special rates, while operational training is provided to companies to train them in the procedures and requirements of the zone. Employees of companies based in the zone can also access the services of three on-site training institutions, where more than 500 people were trained in 2017”.
The conviction about the importance of the human value for the sustainable development of the region was Zona Franca Santander’s motivation to build an environment for public and private organizations, with the purpose of generating opportunities of decent, quality and stable jobs where workers can grow personally and professionally alongside with innovations, learning and enjoyment while the workday goes on.

“The recognition given to us by the prestigious firm ‘fDi Intelligence’ for four years in-a-row, and this time for "Best FTZ for helping companies succeed" and "Best FTZ for workforce training and development", allows us to continue working towards our greatest purpose "Understand and help to build a successful and sustainable business for our companies from this world-class platform". Realizing that we must continue with our big commitment to anticipate our client' s needs, and accompany them, permanently providing them with professional support, starting with the business plan development according to the FTZ rules and procedures, all the way up to the business's management itself, through different kind of strategies working together with the goal to become an innovative enterprise, with a huge creative and entrepreneurial capacity, and finally, generating value in the three main spheres: economic, social and environmental”.  Nivea Santarelli Franco, CEO- Zona Franca Santander.